Originally coming from an illustration background has proved to be beneficial when I am retouching and visualising.

Creating and compositing images often requires a great deal of realism and attention to detail – I achieve this with a sound knowledge of perspective, lighting, shadows, and instinctively knowing what looks ‘right’.

In fact, the result of a successful ‘comping’ of two or more images should never look like it existed in any other form, nor have ever been opened in Photoshop.

  • I have had many years of Photoshop experience and am fully confident in the following disciplines:
  • Image enhancement
  • Colour correction/alteration
  • Adding/removing/replacing backgrounds
  • Inclusion of spot colours in bitmap images
  • Clipping paths, alpha channels & masks
  • Removing & replacing image elements
  • Layering of images to create ‘cut-away’ illustrations

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